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All newspapers in the Hamlin County Publishing group are 5 column by 14 1/2 inches.
Ads cancelled after the deadline will be charged at 50 percent the cost of the space.

Column Inch Rates
One paper $5.00 
Any two papers $7.00
All three papers $8.50

Width of Columns
1 column 2 inches
2 columns 4 1/4 inches
3 columns 6 7/16 inches
4 columns 8 5/8 inches
5 columns 10 3/4 inches

Professional Directory Ad
Small Box $40 per month
Larger box $65 per month

Contract Rates
26 week contract: $7.50 column inch rate
52 week contract: $6.50 column inch rate
30% discount for second run of exact copy ad in the next available edition.  

Classified Ads
Classified ads are ten dollars per week for 25 words. An additional 20 cents will be added on for each additional word in the ad. To put a box around the ad is an additional five dollars. 
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